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Mounting First Print

What is the best method to Mount (Glue down) the First Print on to the Mounting Board?
Most of us Paper Tole 3D Crafters spend HOURS on each picture that we create.   So it is really important to build the picture on a good smoothly mounted print.  Personally I always mount my pictures on a piece of Mat Board rather than Foam Board.  Foam Board is good if you have it professionally dry mounted.  However I have had bad experiences using Spray Glue on Foam Board with the Foam Board de-laminating and creating bubble under the picture.
To Mount (glue down) the First Print on to the Mounting Board  I strongly suggest that you use  Spray Adhesive Glue. Make sure that you purchase a Permanent Spray Adhesive Glue do not purchase Re-positional Spray Glue, it is not Permanent.
Place your Print Face down (white not printed side up) on some Newspaper and after shaking the Spray Adhesive Glue can, hold the Can about 8″ above the print and spray the glue so that the entire back of the Print including the edges is generously coated with the Spray glue.
Then carefully pick up the print and put the print on the Mounting Board, cover with a Paper Towel and smooth out all air so the print is smoothly glued to the Mounting Board.
I also always roll a Beyer over the print to make sure there is no air trapped between the Print and Mounting Board. If you do get some Glue on the front of the print just use a small amount of Mineral Spirits on a Paper Towel to remove the Glue.
NEVER glue the first print down on Cardboard!