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Making 3D pictures from your own photos or Art

If you can think dimensional and figure our how to make 3D pictures without a Cutting Guide then you can make a 3D pictures from your own pictures and take custom 3D picture Orders.  Below are a couple of examples of Custom 3D Pictures.

I made this picture from a Granddaughters 1st birthday invitation.

To Make this Custom Paper Tole 3D Decoupage House Picture I used 10 Prints. Notice there are no Clouds in the background.

First I built the neighbors houses to be shown in the background to the right and left. I tried to add as much detail as was possible.

Then I designed the house to build it in 3 sections, The Main House, Front Entrance Section and then the Garage. Above is section 1 of the House

Below shows how I used Foam Board on the back of the individual house components so that the house could be built with the walls remaining straight. This was section 2 of the House

For the Garage I used the Foam Board to recess the Garage Door slightly and glued with Silicone on the back so I could control the amount of the Garage Door being recessed. This was section 3 in building the House

Finished and Framed Custom made 3D Picture order of Customer’s personal Home

Each Brick is individually embossed and I added lots of small details including window panes. The Clouds were added in the background from a different photo. Also I embossed the driveway to look like asphalt and raised the front edge to give the picture more visual depth. The Roof was also embossed. The Picture was framed with wider than usual Mats to help give the picture more perceived value.