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Advanced Shaping Techniques

These directions assume that you are working with 6 Identical Prints.

After gluing the first print onto your Mounting Board follow these Shaping instructions for the remaining 5 prints. With white Elmers glue and a sponge or paint brush, paint the entire unprinted side of each print and allow to dry completely. When the prints have fully dried follow the 3D Kit Cutting Guide and cut out all of the prints pieces as directed. It is normal for the prints not to be perfectly flat after the glue dried.

The Glue you have applied to the paper will now allow the paper to stretch and retain very exact detailed shaping and embossing. As an example: when shaping a leaf, place the cut leaf print piece face up on the Shaping Pad. Select one of the smaller tipped Metal Shaping Tool tips and firmly outline each leaf vein, then turning the print piece over (face down-white side up) you should be able to see the leaf vein outline. Now using one of the larger Metal Shaping Tool Tips rub the area in between each of the leaf veins. The results will make the leaves look so realistic that others will find it difficult to believe that your 3D project is really just paper! I also use my hands to bend and try to duplicate the exact look if the item was real. Continue using this same technique for all of your print pieces, just adapt accordingly for the desired details and effect. As practice we suggest that you shape many of the Cut print pieces that will be hidden under the other print pieces. The will also protect your project from Silicone “dots” showing thru over time. With a little practice you will soon be very comfortable and able to use your own Creativity for any 3D Kit Project.
Remember: This is a FUN Craft…enjoy yourself! J

How to keep Silicone from getting hard inside of the Tube

After many years of creating Paper Tole 3D Art Craft Pictures I have learned how to resolve a common problem we all have with Craft Silicone getting hard inside of the Tube.  So follow the directions below and you  will not need to stab, poke or throw away a tube of hardened Silicone.

This information applies to every Silicone Tube available.

After squeezing Silicone out of the Silicone Tube  look into the opening and you will see that a vacuum has been created and Air has been sucked into the Silicone Tube.  The air is what makes the Silicone Hard inside of the Silicone Tube.

To avoid the Silicone getting hard inside of the tube:  before replacing the Cap…put pressure on the Tube so that Silicone is coming out of the Tube opening.  Tighten the Cap well.  This will keep Air from getting inside of the Tube    AIR IS WHAT MAKES Silicone HARD

Now you are ready to put the Cap back on to the Silicone Tube.  It is OK for Tube it to get a bit messy.  At least the Silicone will still be usable.  Just use a paper towel and wipe around the Cap while the Silicone is still wet.