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The importance of Glazing your finished 3D Picture

One of the advantages of having been making Paper Tole 3D Art pictures for more than 20 years is the experiences that have been learned.  I have a favorite saying…I get my Good Judgement from my Bad Judgement.  How true.  We used to teach that Glazing the finished project was optional, but have learned how important Glaze really is.

A few years ago while preparing for a Craft Show I noticed that on some of the pictures that I had made more than 15 years earlier had “age spots” (for lack of a better word) only in areas that had not been Glazed.   These were large beautiful already framed pictures.  So I had to take each apart and carefully cut and remove the finished 3D picture from the Mounted Board and place them on a new mounted backing.  Which after Mounting on a new backing board I made sure to glazed  the entire mounted print before regluing the Paper Tole portion of the picture.

So now in Classes we Teach that after you have Mounted your first picture on to the board, Glaze the entire Mounted picture before building your 3D Picture.

I really prefer to apply the  Glaze on the Mounted Picture and the Finished 3D picture with a small (non shedding) Brush.  (Click here to see the brush I use for all my projects) 

However remember when brushing the Glaze don’t get in a hurry and “glob” the Glaze on, it is better to apply lightly brushing.  When you are Glazing the finished 3D Picture always brush in the direct of what you are glazing.  For a example if you are glazing a house roof, brush in the direction of the roofing or if you are glazing water brush the Glaze in the same direction that the water is moving.   Also if you are using our Glaze SG20 Water Clean up Glaze  the more light coats you apply the shinier the finish will be.  Adding various Glaze Brush Strokes can really enhance your 3D Picture.  To see more information about brushing Glaze on a picture  Check out the Technique Catagory of Brush Strokes

For many pictures I do not want the Mounted Back ground shinny but I do want the entire background protected so then I use our Satin Glaze SGS20 water Clean up   And just like the SG20 Glaze, the Satin Glaze will protect your 3D Art and also add texture making the Finished 3D Picture more professional and interesting.

I use the same small Brush for even the very large 3D Pictures that I have made, it really does not take very long and the Glaze gives the Finished 3D Picture a interesting texture and more professional look while also sealing the inks in the paper and protecting your hard work for years to come.

Sailing Ship I  # 9998 Size 18×24  Catalog Page 78There were many “age spots” on the Back Mounted picture but it was difficult to photograph the details so I put a few arrows to show where to look.  Also for the water effect  we used Silicone applied in the direction of the water.  The Silicone was mixed with a bit of white paint and put on the white caps so the water looks real.

If you look closely to the background of this framed Horse Kit you will see the brown Spots that surfaced on the unglazed part in background after about 15 years.  Only areas that were not Glazed were affected.  The Glazed Horse was still really nice.

To see how I used the Blocking Technique in repairing this picture check out the Category  of Blocking.

Below is the Horse picture all repaired!

Race Horse I size 11×14 framed in size 15×18 Oak Shadow BoxFrame