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Christmas Holiday Ornaments and small Wall Plaques

To make Holiday Ornaments or little Wall Plaques my husband, Claude cut tree limbs (we had lots of them due to Hurricane Irma) in a round wood disk measuring between 3-3 1/2 inches across, we were lucky that the limb were Cedar Trees. I glued down a print and screwed in a little Hanger and then built a simple 3D picture on each ornament. If you are not able to cut Tree Limb wood yourself, then the wood rounds can also be purchased at Walmart or Amazon. If you have any questions please email or phone me.

All of the images shown and used here are size 4×5 prints.  They can be purchased as individual prints Click to see individual Prints size 4×5 or as a Paper Tole 3D Craft Kit Click here to see Paper Tole 3D Kits size 4×5 . Each Kit includes 6 identical Prints, Visual Cutting Guide and Mounting Board

Here are a few examples:

Custom Ornaments made for the Woman’s Group PEO. I used several different prints to get the Daises and then filled the Center with Glitter Glue