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Blocking out Backgrounds Repairing Mounted Print

Every time I create a new Paper Tole picture there is always something new that I learn or think of…so of course one thought will lead to the next.

After looking at the spotted Background of the Horse print long enough and remembering all the thoughts and work that went into the completing the picture I decided to repair the picture.  This meant that I need to remove the 3D picture from the Mounted background and reattach the picture to the new backing.

Here is the old Picture with spots on the Background, shown after cutting off the finished 3D part of the picture. The big white area is were my knife scraped the picture.

Then I spray Mounted a new picture on a Mounting Board and Glazed the new background with a swirl glaze pattern.

Just when everything was ready to re-attach the 3D part of the picture to the new background I decided to raise the Horse head portion of the picture more so it looked like the horse was looking at us.  I did not want to see the image of the Horse on the backing board when I raised the Horse head so I used a technique called “Blocking” which just means to mix some paint as close to the backing color as possible and paint out what you don’t want to see.

Photo of Mixing Paint to match the backing color.

New backing with the part of the Horse Head “Blocked” or painted out.  Also I like to use Packing Peanuts instead of just Silicone to get additional height on my picture.  Packing Peanuts are great since you can get exactly the raised height you want. Then just put Silicone under and on top of the Packing peanut glue the picture or cut print piece down.

Here is the Horse Head Picture all repaired!