[ultimate-faqs ]Welcome to  www.Papertolehelp.com  My name is Andrea Vance and with my husband Claude we own and operate Paper Tole Supply Center in Central Florida.  I am also a Certified Paper Tole Teacher.

On a regular basis I get phone calls and emails from people interested in learning  this great Craft of 3D Paper Tole, also called 3D Decoupage.  Also other Paper Tole Crafters who might “stuck” with a issue or just need some advise so they can confidently continue to work on their Paper Tole project.

In realizing that with a bit of helpful directions the quality of a beginner Paper Tole 3D Decoupage crafter’s work could be really improved, and the learning curve reduced I decided to start this Paper Tole Help Blog.

I am still learning about Blogging but over time hopefully this can be a source of knowledge and information to help improve the quality and joy of creating Paper Tole 3D pictures.

so…ask questions and I will respond with the answers and or pictures to help explain the technique in question.

Your 3D Buddy, Andrea

email: andrea@papertolesupply.com

Visit our Website at www.papertolesupply.com

      Andrea & Claude Vance

In 1999 Claude and Andrea Vance opened Decoupage Supply Centre Inc. dba (doing business as) Paper Tole Supply Center. Our goal has always been to have one location where Paper Tole 3D Decoupage Crafters could find everything that they needed: Prints, Kits with Cutting Guides, Tools, Supplies, Learning DVD’s, Books and of course Shadow Box Frames. Andrea is a Certified Paper Tole Teacher and has regular 3D Art Classes. We are located in Sorrento Florida. We have hundreds of Finished and Framed Pictures on our Walls and all of our Products are in stock.

You are Welcome to come to our Warehouse/Showroom however please call before planning a visit as our Staff is very limited.
352-383-3883 or 800-331-7754 or andrea@papertolesupply.com 🙂



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